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What is acne?

There are two main types of acne. Non-inflammatory that consists of white heads and black heads and inflammatory acne that consist of papule, pustule, cyst and nodule. These usually happen when follicles over produce cells and get blocked. The oil that usually excreted to the surface gets trapped beneath the skin and bacteria may grow.

What are the possible causes of acne?

There are four main factors of acne. Acne can be present with any one or more of the following factors.
(1) Over production of oil (sebum) on the skin
(2) Excessive dead skin cells clogged within the follicles
(3) Bacterial colonization
(4) Inflammation

What are the main active ingredients in Aknicare products?

In Aknicare range, most of the product contains Triehtyl Citrate, Ethyl Linoleate, GT-Peptide-10 and Salicylic acid. They work synergistically to counteract the factors that causes acne.

How can Aknicare products help me in my acne and blemishes?

Each of the active ingredient targets one or more causes. Following table shows the function of each ingredient and the causes it inhibits.


Triethyl Citrate

Ehtyl Linoleate


Reduction of oil production in the skin


Prevention of excessive dead skin cells clogged within the follicles


Inhibition of bacterial colonization


Anti-inflammatory activity


Prevention of dark spots caused by acne



All ingredients are formulated to work synergistically to target the cause of acne, treating and preventing the condition.

Can pregnant and lactating ladies use Aknicare products?

Pregnant women may use it from the 4th month of pregnancy. Lactating women may use it as well.

Is there any age restriction for the use of Aknicare products?

It is not advisable for children under 12 years old to use, unless recommended by your physician.

How soon can I see results?

Results may vary on each individual as the under lying condition is different. We will recommend patients to use it at least 8 – 12 weeks to see visible results as our clinical trial is based on 12 weeks.

I’ve got chest and back acne, can I use Aknicare Cleanser?

Yes, Aknicare Cleanser is suitable for use on chest and back. It will be ideal to follow by Aknicare Chest & Back spray after drying yourself.